Palmetto Bluff | South Carolina


Montage at Palmetto Bluff :

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff is one of the most beautiful + cozy places I’ve been. Fireplaces, beautiful interiors, and for this time of year, extravagant Christmas decorations. Every inch of this place was carefully thought out + designed with great care. The Inn has multiple restaurants located inside its walls as well as; hallways of mirrors, a library with a fire + huge leather chairs, a beautiful boutique, spa, area for your kids and a gym. What more could you ask for?

During our short trip, we stayed in one of the river cottages. It was quaint, quiet, and beautiful.


Cottage transportation :

The only way to travel once you check into the resort is by biking, renting a golf cart, or walking. We biked everywhere which is quiet nice on the brick pathways and you can pretty much sneak anywhere.

Surrounding the Inn and cottages are unreal houses that are part of the community. I highly recommend biking through the neighborhoods if you stay at Palmetto Bluff!


Palmetto Bluff Treehouse :

You saw right! This is a four story treehouse that overlooks the May River. Unless you come from the main road by car (which we didn’t have at the time), you have to bike down this trail covered in ancient oak trees. I’d opt for the oak trees any day of the week.


Moreland Village :

Also, down that trail (or main road) is an area called Moreland. This section is still technically part of Palmetto Bluff but has a more modern feel to it. There, you can find the Canteen, a little quick stop for snacks + refreshments, a really awesome outfitters shop, a library, and Cole’s.

Let’s talk about Cole’s for a second. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the outside because it was dark when we went for dinner and I didn’t get a photo of the food because we were hungry + it looked amazing. To be totally honest with you.. I didn’t expect incredible food from a “resort” type place. It can be mediocre at best when they are cooking for the masses. However, the restaurants at Palmetto Bluff couldn’t be further from that. Every meal we had was WONDERFUL. At Cole’s we ordered a fried chicken bucket, mac & cheese, and french fries with banana pudding for dessert. I know I know, the healthiest meal, right?! We ate every bite and I’d love to have it again right now.