Welcome to the neighborhood, Welkin Coffee! 

A beautiful, natural light filled, relaxing space perfect for coffee dates with friends, casual work meetings, or just a break from everyday life, Welkin is the place to go. They first opened on Market Street in downtown Charleston and their second location in Mount Pleasant does not disappoint. Scroll down to learn a little bit about Welkin and owner, Derrick Smith! 


Derrick Smith - Owner of Welkin Coffee

When did Welkin first open?

We opened the downtown location in May of 2016 and our Mount Pleasant location has been open for 11 days.

What is your favorite thing on the menu? 

I don't think I would put anything on the menu if it wasn't my favorite. I love each item we serve.

If someone came in that knows nothing about coffee what would you tell them?

I would suggest to just talk to us about what they want and what they like. Everyone that works here is really knowledgeable about coffee and what we serve. The good thing about our smaller menu is that everyone that works here will be able to really explain each item well.

Anything else we should know about Welkin?

We have 15 beer taps, a rosé on tap, a prosecco on tap and also a coffee soda available. We also serve $5 mimosas all day every day. I wanted to create a space for people to be able to enjoy a beer or a coffee and just hang out. Chat with us, hang with friends, or just sit and relax.



Con Pana :

espresso that's naturally fruit forward, heavy cream soaked with fruity pebbles and topped with fruity pebbles


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